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Barkham Blue

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Beautifully creamy

Barkham Blue is made in the village of Barkham on the outskirts of Reading, by Sandy and Andy Rose with help from their daughter Nia. This fabulous blue cheese is unique in that it is made using a mixture of Guernsey and Jersey milk. Usually, these milk types don’t lend themselves well to blue cheeses as they are particularly rich, and the blue veining can make the milk go sour, but Barkham Blue doesn’t suffer from this at all. In fact, you could say the opposite is true as the cheese is beautifully creamy with the cheesemakers themselves describing it as ‘blue butter’. The cheese comes in a wheel which is especially good as part of a cheese tower for weddings and parties.
Barkham Blue is a multi-award-winning cheese with Supreme Champion performances at the British Cheese Awards. It has also won numerous Super Golds at the World Cheese Awards, 3 stars from the Great Taste Awards…the list goes on.

Made with cow's milk

Chefs Tip

Pan fry one of Sheppy’s Longhorn Steaks to your liking, whilst the steak is resting take a little Barkham Blue and remove the rind, place in a bowl, add an egg yolk and some freshly ground black pepper. Mash together with a fork adding a splash of double cream if the cheese was straight from the fridge. Place on top of your Longhorn Steak and pop under a hot grill until melted. Serve immediately.


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