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Berkswell Cheddar

Firm, crumbly texture

Berkswell is a hard ewe’s milk cheese with a complex sweetness. Its gentle tang and slightly granular texture often draw comparisons to a mature pecorino. The flavour is full, with a savoury yet fruity quality that fills the mouth. The interior is almost translucent and pale white in colour with a firm, crumbly texture. Made at Ram Hall Farm, a small dairy in Warwickshire, where Berkswell is totally handmade by a team of six local ladies. Production initially began in the 1980s by the Fletcher family and has grown over the years; they now have a closed flock of 900 homebred Frieslan ewes who produce the milk used for Berkswell. The moulds of cheeses are left in plastic kitchen colanders which give the cheese its distinctive shape.

Contains ewe's milk

Try with

We recommend pairing this stunning cheese with Membrillo Quince Jelly and a glass of Sheppy’s Perry


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