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Black Charcoal Cheddar

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Creamy and mature

The charcoal, from the Featherstone mines in Yorkshire is known to give food a smoky and earthy taste, with the black colour giving the food an exotic and fashionable difference, to any cheeseboard. Starting as Mature Cheddar, it is then blended with activated charcoal to produce a naturally smooth, black coloured cheese with a rich, creamy taste. Activated charcoal is receiving rave reviews for its ability to help remove harmful toxins from your body, and minimise bloating... We will leave that to your discerning taste buds and tummy to decide.

Contains cow's milk

Try with

Try this with Traditional Oat Cakes and a spoonful of Sheppy’s Spicy Tomato Chutney and a glass of our Award winning Original Cloudy Cider


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