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Mrs Bell's Blue

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Creamy and mellow

launched in 1995. Made from the finest quality sheep’s milk. Produced in small vats, after the first 24 hours of turning and formation, each cheese is salted by hand. Each batch is then matured for a minimum of 10 weeks. This achieves the complex blue flavour that’s comparable to Roquefort but creamier and mellower. Mrs Bell's Blue is considered one of the best ewes’ milk blue cheeses in Europe. The milk’s meadowy sweetness and the cheese’s saltiness deliver a rich, complex flavour. Milder than a Roquefort but punchy enough for any blue cheese fan. This is one well-deserved Award-Winning Cheese, wow what an accolade!

Contains ewes milk

Pair with

Miller’s Earth Beetroot Crackers and a chilled glass of Sheppy’s Cloudy Cider.


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