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The Fine Cheese Co Pickled Pears


Most bottle fruits come either in syrup/alcohol and are too sweet, or come in spiced vinegar and are too acid for cheese. We have created a sweet/sour balance which we believe complements different cheeses perfectly. Each fruit has a hint of savoury spicing and its own different vinegar base. The firm, tangy and slightly floral nature of the pears are a fabulous contrast to a soft yet powerful Brie de Meaux,Camembert or Delice de Bourgogne. Once opened, store in the fridge for up to two weeks.
Ingredients: Pears (65%), White wine vinegar (10%)*, Water, Sugar, Celery (3%), Green peppercorns, Pickling spice. * (6% acidity) Allergen Advice This product contains traces of mustard seeds.


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