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Mellow with hints of lemon

a very attractive cheese, the shape and surface patterns from the moulds are unique. Originally made by Robin Congdon of Ticklemore Dairy, this is now made by his neighbours at Sharpham, but still carries the Ticklemore name, which was originally named after a street in nearby Totnes made famous by its cheese shop. The freshly made cheese is drained in the cheese moulds for 48 hours, then hand salted and moved to a cool maturing room. Here it is turned regularly, and the white bloomy rind is rubbed by hand weekly, thus forming the thin natural rind of the cheese. Goats milk from three local farms gives it a stark white colour. This is a subtle Goats Cheese, so ideal for any first timers wanting to dip their toe into the world of Goats milk cheeses. A light and delicate cheese, mellow with hints of lemon, slightly crumbly although as it matures it becomes semi-soft around the rind (Just how we like it)
With a vast array of Awards, here are just a few!!

Contains goat's milk

2018 – Trophy International Cheese Awards
2018 – Gold Global Cheese Awards
2018 – Gold Taste of the West Awards
2018 – Silver British Cheese Awards

Serving sugestion

Try this on its own with a dollop of Tracklements Sticky Fig Relish or use it like Feta crumbled into a salad.


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