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Westcombe Duckett’s Caerphilly

Flavours of summer grass, herbs and raw mushrooms

Westcombe Duckett’s Caerphilly Fresh tasting, with a pleasant lactic tang, initial flavours of summer grass, herbs and raw mushrooms lead to a uniquely savoury/ umami finish. Famed for its dual texture with a slightly crumbly interior, contrasting with the softer layer just under the rind. The cheeses are finished in a brine dating bake to the 1990s, then aged for around 4-10 weeks in our dedicated Caerphilly cellar.
Named Duckett’s in honour of Chris Duckett from whom we adopted the recipe.

Contains cow's milk

Try this

Grate with a course cheese grater, add a spoonful of Tracklements British Beer Mustard and an egg yolk combine ingredients and slather on top of Sourdough toast, melt under a hot grill for an extra special Cheese on Toast!


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