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House of Dorchester Book Chocolate Collection

115g Dark chocolate - Allergy - Soya -

Two delicious chocolate collections.

NEW FOR 2023! Indulge in this delicious classic chocolate – a soft peppermint cream enrobed twice in a rich, dark, 70% chocolate and decorated by hand. The perfect post-dinner accompaniment to coffee or tea. At House of Dorchester, we start by making the fondant by hand. This is then infused with peppermint oil, lavishly enrobed twice with 70% dark chocolate and then decorated with a traditional pattern to create these beloved and delicious treats.

NEW FOR 2023! Our most beloved chocolates have had a makeover! Filled with a soft rose or violet cream and wrapped twice in rich, dark 70% chocolate, each chocolate is hand decorated with crushed crystallised rose and violet petals. A wonderful addition to your afternoon tea. At House of Dorchester, we make each one by hand, carefully mixing and adding the soft fondant centre. Each piece is then enrobed twice with rich, dark chocolate. Crystallised Rose or Violet is then artfully placed on each one.


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