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Exmoor Gold

500ml 5% ABV

In 1986 we produced Exmoor Gold, the first modern Golden Ale. Designed as a single-malt beer, it was a stunning counterbalance to the traditional beers of the day, which were as brown as an old sideboard or as coal-black as Irish dry stout.

Instead, Exmoor Gold is the colour of Chardonnay, sparkling in the glass and appealing to both ale drinkers and lager lovers. Gold not only looks good, but it also tastes great, with fresh and fruity flavours and a soft and comforting malty centre.

Tasting Notes
The aroma is a blend of fresh grassy and floral hop and a subtly soft, caramel-tinged maltiness. The palate is a balance of gentle grainy maltiness and sprightly floral, citrusy fresh hop fruitiness. The finish is bittersweet with hints of citrus fruit weaving in and out.

Challenger, Goldings and Fuggles

Try with

Thai seafood stir-frys, where the delicate hop fruitiness and soft maltiness would add colour to the various spices, or also try with barbequed chicken marinated in honey.


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