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Sheppy's House of Cider

24th August 2020

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Breakfast Menu



Served between: 10am – 11.30am (Tuesday-Saturday)

Served between: 10am – 11am (Sun)



Crushed avocado and chilli on toast (vegetarian, vegan)                                   £6.00

Eggs Florentine (Gluten Free available)                                                        £8.00

Toasted muffin with spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise

Eggs Royale (Gluten Free available)                                                                           £10.60

Toasted muffin with smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise

Eggs Benedict (Gluten Free available)                                                           £8.50

Toasted muffin with ham, poached eggs and hollandaise

Full English (Gluten Free available)                                                             £10.75

Butcher’s pork sausages and cured back bacon with fried egg, flat mushroom,

roast tomato, hash brown and baked beans

Vegan Full English (Vegetarian, Vegan)                                                      £8.65

Vegan sausages with a flat mushroom, roasted tomato, hash brown,

baked beans and crushed avocado

Kids Breakfast                                                                                    £6.95

Butcher’s sausage and dry-cured bacon with a fried egg, baked beans and toast.

With a choice of apple juice, orange juice or milk

Breakfast Ciabattas Gluten Free Rolls Available

Dry-cured Bacon                                                                                £4.50

Butcher’s Sausage                                                                              £4.50

Grilled Mushroom                                                                                £4.50

Add Fried Egg                                                                                    £1.00



Coffee                                                         Soft Drinks


Americano                                £2.50                           Coke                                        £2.25

Cappuccino                              £2.70                            Coke Zero                                 £2.25

Latte                                        £2.70                           Palmer’s Lemonade                   £2.40

Flat White                                 £2.70                            Palmer’s Ginger Beer                 £2.40

Mocha                                      £2.90                           Palmer’s Still Lemonade             £2.30

Espresso                                   £1.95                            Bradley’s Sparkling Elderflower  £2.30

Hot Chocolate                           £2.50                           Bradley’s Sparkling Ginger & Lime

Deluxe Hot Chocolate               £2.99                                                                            £2.30

Babyccino                                £1.50                            Bradley’s Orange Juice              £2.20

Add a flavoured syrup               £0.50                           Sheppy’s Apple Juice                £2.20

Cinnamon, Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla                             Elderflower and Mint Presse       £2.90



Tea                                 £1.99

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Red Berry, Assam, Green Tea, Jasmine, or Decaffeinated.

Easter At Sheppy's Cider Farm

9th April 2023

House of Cider Easter Opening Hours


1st April 2023

Come and see behind the scenes of Somerset's oldest cidermakers! Tours are available from 1st April to 18th November


18th March 2023

Louisa talking about the history of our farm.

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