Our Heritage

Through more than 200 years of making real premium craft cider, six generations of the Sheppy family have weathered the ups and downs of combining farming with cider-making by embracing change and opportunity.

  • Opening the Doors to Our Future

    Opening of Sheppy’s House of Cider & Fine Foods.

  • A Year of Celebration

    Bicentenary celebration! 200 years of making cider through 6 generation. The very first SheppyFest hosted by Sheppy’s Cider.

  • We Look to the Future

    Development on our old brick building began.

  • Sheppy’s Begins to Grow

    All new cider production facilities were completed on the farm.

  • David Takes over Sheppy’s

    David took control of the business when Richard retired.

  • The Beginning for Visitors

    Richard and Mary Sheppy created the Rural Life Museum and Tea Room for visitors.

  • The Sixth and Current Generation

    David James Sheppy was born

  • Serious Times for Sheppy’s

    Richard Sheppy began serious cider-making again after winning a prize at the Bath and West Show

  • A Sad Time for the Cider Market

    Cider-making ceased for the War Effort

  • A Medal to Be Cherished

    Stanley Sheppy won the Brewer's Exhibition Gold Medal.

  • A Mark in History

    An orchard was planted to mark Richard's birth (now the Organic Orchard).

  • The Fifth Generation was Born

    Richard James Sheppy was born

  • A New Beginning

    James and Stanley Sheppy moved to Three Bridges Farm.

  • The Forth Generation was Born

    Stanley Sheppy was born.

  • The Third Generation was Born

    James Sheppy was born.

  • The second generation

    John (II) and Deborah Sheppy took on Iwood Farm where ancient cider apple trees still stand today

  • Where it all began

    The first reference to cider-making by John Shepson, whose will shows he changed his name to Sheppy, and the name began.

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