Dear riders, traders and bike enthusiasts. 

Your presence, support, and shared passion made it an exceptional evening.   We are grateful to such an incredible turnout on the evening. Showcasing your magnificent bikes, whether they were vintage, classic, sleek cruisers and even powerful sport bikes, to a community of riders and motorcycle enthusiasts.

We would also like to extend out gratitude to the local authorities and event staff who worked behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth organisation and execution of our bike night.  Their hard work played a vital role in creating a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone attending. 

We hope that this evening was an opportunity for you all to connect with fellow riders and discover new friendships.

Please send us any photo's you took on the night to or tag us on social media sheppysciderfarm. 

Stay safe, may the open road always lead you to new adventures and we welcome you all back next June  2024.