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Derby Sage Cheddar Cheese

Delightful mild sage flavour

Sage Derby is one of England's oldest and most famous cheeses. This semi-hard cheese has a green marbled look, with a delightful mild sage flavour which gives the cheese an almost minty flavour. The first ever production began back in the seventeenth century, and originally Sage Derby was only made for festive occasions such as Harvest and Christmas. But is now available all year and has become an increasingly popular.

Pairing sage cheddar cheese with our craft Perry cider is a delightful combination that brings out the best in both. The salty, tangy flavour of the cheddar is balanced perfectly by the fruity sweetness of the craft Perry cider, creating a harmonious and refreshing pairing. The crisp, effervescent quality of the Perry cider also cuts through the richness of the cheddar, making it a perfect match for a snack or a light meal. Whether you're enjoying a quiet night in or entertaining guests, pairing derby sage cheddar with Perry cider is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


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