This year we are celebrating Father's Day with a look back into the history of the Sheppy's!

Our weekly tours are an introduction to the Cider business as it is today, but the Sheppy family and Sheppy's Cider have a long rural past and this year Mrs Sheppy will be doing a special tour, incorporating more detail about the history behind the family and the business. You will hear about the Sheppy millers and cider makers and the family rift over alcohol. You will see the Gold Medals which were awarded to Stanley Sheppy in the 1930s ( which gave us our Gold Medal Cider) and learn a bit about the family's ups and downs in farming and move from the Bristol area to Taunton in 1917.

Afterwards you will see today's cider -making business, starting with an orchard walk, visit to the press house, a vat house and the rural life museum with DVD of our cider-making year. Your tour will end with a fully guided tasting of a selection of award winning ciders reflecting cider's changing styles and place in our social history.

Tickets available on Eventbrite

Taking place from 11.00am - 1.00pm