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Quality produce comes from quality ingredients and we like ours locally sourced from farms and small producers who, like us, care passionately about good food, well made, lasting gifts the land and our environment. Woking with suppliers who have similar values is very important to us because we know and appreciate how much effort goes into running a family business.

Moores Biscuits


The Moores family have been baking in Dorset for over 140 years meaning they are one of Britain's longer-established biscuit makers. Still run by the Moores family, the firm as we know it today is situated just 5 miles from the site of the original bakery


Brendon Hills Crafts

Brendon Hill Crafts has been running for approximately 37 years. Derek and Ruth took up the reins from Ruth's parents in 2005, after they decided to retire.   Although they had no experience themselves of running a business or cooking jam or chutney, it was a steep learning curve, and one which they both enjoyed. 

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Michelle is an artist with a passion for still life and food Illustration. She now goes under the name Dollyhotdogs, a childhood name that seems to have stuck! Since graduating in 2005, she has been creating illustrations for book publishers, graphic designers, and magazines. Living in Devon she is inspired by the beautiful scenery and produce, and this has led to developing the Dollyhotdogs range of giftware.

Pictured Michelle and kate


The Parsnipship

In Ben’s words:

We were inspired to start our business after years of being disappointed at the meagre offerings available for vegetarians and vegans when eating out, and the head-scratching bemusement amongst friends and family when called upon to cook for “those with special dietary requirements” (aka annoying visitors)…



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