Our first ‘Cider of the Month’ for 2018 is our award-winning Vintage Reserve Cider. Read all about what makes it our most highly-decorated cider and what it really means to be ‘vintage’ and ‘reserve’ in the cider world!



Cider type: Medium

Strength: Alc. 7.4% Vol.

Apples: A blend of exclusively homegrown apples, including Yarlington Mill, Chisel Jersey, Stoke Red, Tremlett’s Bitter, Coate’s Jersey

About this cider: Our Vintage Reserve Cider is crafted from a selection of the season’s very finest Somerset apples which are carefully blended to produce a full-bodied medium cider. To give it that full, vintage character this cider is fermented and then matured in oak vats for a more mature flavour.  

Thanks to the high percentage of fresh Somerset apples used (95%) the 2016 Vintage Reserve has a typically vintage ABV of 7.4%.


What makes this cider a ‘Vintage Reserve’?

Cider producers up and down the country pride themselves on creating blends of the very finest apples from their yearly harvest. This is where their best apples are reserved for a particular blend - their cream of the crop. At Sheppy’s we then mature our Vintage Reserve cider in our ancient oak vats – some of which are over 100 years old – for a period of time to give the cider a deliciously smoky, oaky flavour.  


What’s the best way to enjoy this cider?

Gently chilled and in your favourite cider glass or goblet. The traditional character of this cider makes it the perfect partner for vintage Somerset cheese such as Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar or Barber’s 1833.

The wonderful Fuss Free Foodie and NACM even put together a recipe for Mussels with Cider using our Vintage Reserve. Delicious!

Mat, the bar manager at our Apple Bay Restaurant & Bar, likes to use this cider in one of our favourite cocktails, the Vintage Marmalade Twist. Here’s how to make one at home…


50ml Chase Marmalade Vodka

15ml Fresh Lemon Juice

200ml Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve

Fill a hi-ball glass with cubed ice and add all ingredients.

Stir well to mix. Cut a thick peel of pink grapefruit, twist and garnish.


Where can I try this cider for myself?

Our 2016 Vintage Reserve is available in Tesco and Waitrose stores in the South West, Booths stores, on Eebria.com, and at selected independent retailers up and down the country. A few of our favourites are Ben’s Farm Shop and Mole Valley Farmers.


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