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Cider of the Month: VAT 07 and VAT 14 Cans


11th April 2018

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Our ‘Cider of the Month’ for April is a double whammy, featuring both our VAT 07 Cloudy Cider and VAT 14 Classic Cider. Read all about our newest ciders and why we have chosen them as the latest chapter in our 200 year cider-making story...


Cider type: VAT 07 Cloudy Cider
Strength: Alc. 4.5% Vol.
This cloudy sparkling cider is blended by our Master of Cider, David Sheppy, for a deliciously sweet and fruity character. Featuring a mixture of homegrown and Somerset apples - Michelin, Harry Masters Jersey and Dabinett to name a few – and a touch of cloudy apple juice is added to the cider after blending to give it a cloudy haze. Perfect for barbecues and picnics, or any warm summery day that calls for a deliciously a refreshing drink. Buy Online Here.

Cider type: VAT 14 Classic Cider
Strength: Alc. 5.0% Vol.
This is a medium-sweet sparkling cider that has been created from a blend of traditional cider fruit. The varieties chosen give the cider a full flavour, including some underlying tannin, which is an important element of traditional English cider. The apple varieties in this blend include Dabinett, Chisel Jersey and Coates’ Jersey from our own orchards and local suppliers. The result is a deliciously full-bodied, medium sweet Somerset craft cider. Buy Online Here.

Master of Cider David Sheppy with VAT 14 Can


Why cider in cans?
After 200 years of carefully crafted cider-making this is the first time that we’ve tried cider in cans. As these 330ml cans are smaller, lighter and have a lower ABV it means they’re perfect for festivals, barbecues, trips to the beach or simply to enjoy at home.

What are the chalk markings on the side of the can?
The design is inspired by records chalked up by our Master of Cider, David Sheppy, on the old oak vats in which some of our ciders ferment and mature.  
The notes typically record the apple varieties which went into the juice in that vat, the changes in the specific gravity of the apple juice as it begins to ferment and, finally, the ABV (alcohol by volume) of the finished product as it starts its period of maturation.  

These are the first sketchy records which form part of detailed records needed by the Master of Cider for tracking the progress of the juice as it ferments.  It is the managing the finely balanced tastes of acidity, tannin and sweetness by careful selection of the apple varieties used in a blend that is the art of the Master Cidermaker.

What’s the best way to enjoy this cider?
We love pairing both VAT 07 Cloudy Cider and VAT 14 Classic Cider is salty picnic snacks and spicy barbecue meats. Or you can serve it simply chilled on its own on a sunny summers day.


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