Cider of the Month: Sheppy's Cider with Elderflower

This cider is one of our refreshing summer fruit ciders – a lighter alternative to classic cider. We like to call this our ‘Cider with ‘Elderflower rather than ‘Elderflower Cider’ because we want the apples to play an important part in what makes this cider taste as good as it does. The end result is a cider that is equally well-balanced with both aromatic elderflower and the rich, deep flavour of real Somerset apple cider.


Tasting Notes

Carefully crafted by Master of Cider David Sheppy, this lightly sparkling Somerset cider is a combination of refreshing dessert apple cider, with an infusion of aromatic elderflower, giving it a deliciously floral nose. A light carbonation plays a significant role in bringing out the bold mouthfeel of this cider – the finer bubbles allow the subtler flavours to come to the fore, giving it a complex and sparkling finish.


Crafting & Blending

Wild yeast fermenting is an integral part of the Sheppy’s Cider crafting process – we allow the naturally occurring yeasts to ferment our raw juice over a period of 1 to 2 months before blending takes place.

Blending the different flavour profiles of each apple variety is a skill that our Master of Cider – David Sheppy – has perfected. For this cider he has chosen a selection of dessert and bittersharp cider apples to contrast against the elderflower with a bouquet of modern apple flavours.


Find a Stockist

Some of our fantastic stockists are: Booths stores, Co-Op (80 stores across the South West), Hubbox restaurants, Paisley's farm shop, Rumwell farm shop, the Tantivy, Glassboat Bristol, and many more independent farm shops, pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK!

Bars, restaurants and farm shops can stock Sheppy's via Nectar Imports.


Find out More

Read all about our Cider with Elderflower here and let us know what you think!