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Sheppy’s Organic Cider is made using our very own homegrown organic apples from the Sheppy’s Cider orchards...

  • Medium
  • 6.0% ABV
  • Gluten free
  • Certified organic
  • Vegetarian & vegan
  • Contains sulphites for freshness

Character profile.

Our Sheppy’s Organic Cider is a full-flavoured, lightly sparkling apple cider that is blended for a well-balanced, medium taste.

A lighter carbonation plays a significant role in bringing out the bold mouthfeel of this cider – the finer bubbles allow the subtler flavours to come to the fore, giving it a sparkling finish.

Crafting and blending.

Our organic orchard is inspected every year by the Soil Association, the biggest organic certification body in the UK. Managed under Soil Association standards, this small orchard contains some of Sheppy’s oldest apple trees and includes some rare traditional varieties such as Hangdown.

Wild yeast fermenting is an integral part of the Sheppy’s Cider crafting process – we allow the naturally occurring yeasts to ferment our raw juice over a period of 1 to 2 months before blending takes place.

As with all the Sheppy’s range we press, ferment and blend our own cider and there is at least 80% real fermented apple juice in every bottle of Organic Cider. We never use concentrate!

Blending the different flavour profiles of each apple variety is a skill that our Master of Cider – David Sheppy – has perfected. Sheppy’s Organic Cider contains the following apple varieties:

  • Yarlington Mill
  • Hangdown
  • Stoke Red
  • Dabinett