Sheppy’s wets consumer’s appetites with return of VAT 07 cider

Somerset’s oldest family cider maker, Sheppy’s, is relaunching its VAT 07 cider, with 10,000 limited edition cans newly available from its online shop and independent retailers.

Having seen previous success in Tesco when it initially first launched in 2018, the relaunch of VAT 07 comes at a time when over 250,000 are drinking more from home, and beer and cider sales have seen a considerable uplift. Premium craft cider producers traditionally opt for bottles over cans, but with the return of alfresco social gatherings, Sheppy’s is using the relaunch of its VAT 07 in 330ml cans as a trial to determine the success of the concept.

Also coinciding with the start of spring and summer VAT 07 is a cloudy sparkling cider with a sweet fruity character. Featuring a blend of homegrown and Somerset apples, including Michelin, Harry Masters, Jersey and Dabinett, the additional touch of apple juice gives it its cloudy haze. With an ABV of 4.5%, it’s suited to barbecues and picnics, or any occasion that calls for a refreshing drink.

Speaking of the decision to bring back VAT 07 with a limited number of cans, Sheppy’s managing director David Sheppy commented: ‘Our VAT 07 was received well in Tesco when we originally launched it to market in 2018, thanks to its sweet fruity flavour. During the pandemic we’ve seen an uplift in at home drinking, and with customers still wary of returning to pubs when they reopen, outdoor social occasions will likely be a staple this summer, which is why thought now was a good time to test the success of premium cider in a can. With only 10,000 cans available, we are using them to wet consumers’ appetites and dip into the market with this initial trial .”

 As alfresco social gatherings are back on the agenda, and there are reports of festivals returning this summer, sun and cider are on consumers minds’. If successful, the return of Sheppy’s Vat 07 could provide retailers with a new opportunity to capture swathes of picnic and festival goers with a drink that is recognised for its premium quality and taste.